Guangdong man donates stem cells to Canadiancustomized baller patient

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A medical staff member from Canada has a photo taken with Chinese counterparts and volunteer after taking the hematopoietic stem cells donated by Guo Liyuan. [Photo provided to]

South China"s Guangdong province saw its first case of international hematopoietic stem cells donation in Feb.

Guo Liyuan, 36-year-old, checked into a hospital in Guangzhou, the provincial capital, on Feb 17, and had his cells collected four days later. The procedure of cell collection lasted for about five hours, and the cells were delivered right away to Canada to help a leukemia patient.

"I am really happy to be able to help and rescue a life, if not a family," said Guo, a staff member of a packaging company in Dongguan, also in Guangdong province.

A native of Central China"s Henan province, Guo voluntarily signed up for China Marrow Donor Program in 2014 when he donated blood at the village where his company was located.

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